Terms of Hire and Payment for your booking

Friends of Cominos House welcome groups to the facilities of the Rose Blank Gallery, and to assist in the smooth operation of the Centre we ask that the following points be observed.



1.1 All bookings to be made by phoning the Caretaker, Joh Scouten, on 07 4032 1368, or email caretakerfoch@gmail.com. Bookings may be subject to ratification by the Management Board 1.2 All bookings must be paid in advance.


1.3 Regular hirers will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s hire.  Payment is due within 14 days from the date of the invoice.


1.4 Hirers who do not pay their accounts within the 14 day period may be required to pay for their bookings in advance or may have their bookings cancelled.




2.1 Cancellation of a booking must be made by phone or email to the Caretaker 5 days prior to booking.


2.2 Regular hirers will be required to pay 100% of the hire charges for any bookings cancelled within five days of the booking. These charges will be included in the monthly invoice.




3.1 Hirers to arrange for Cominos House COVID-19 Visitor Declaration (attached) to be completed by all visitors/ attendees at each session (or multiple sessions) hired.

3.2 Hirer is responsible for advising visitors/ attendees who may be at risk of spreading COVID-19 infection not to enter premises.

3.3 Hirer is responsible for limiting the number of visitors/ attendees to the number permitted by the Qld government at this venue.  The current maximum attendance allowed is 32 people (at one person per 2m2) at any time.

3.4 Hirer to advise visitors/ attendees to bring their own waterbottles, food utensils and storage containers, including eskies, and not to use kitchen facilities and equipment until further notice.

3.5 Hirer to advise all visitors/ attendees to follow social distancing requirements and other COVID safety health advice (frequent handwashing for 20 seconds with soapy water).

3.6 Hirer to take reasonable care to wipe down surfaces (furniture, benchtops, sinks and taps) which visitors/ attendees have been in contact with (with damp cloth and household detergent).

3.7 Hirer to take reasonable care to ensure visitors/ attendees depart premises promptly at the end of the session to minimise contact with another hirer.




4.1 Setting up, stacking and storage of chairs is the responsibility of the hirer.


4.2 Chairs must be returned to the storage room – no other items to be left in this room.


4.3 Chairs to be stacked neatly up against the wall opposite the doorway – NO ITEMS to be placed against the wall where Telstra/NBN communication boxes are.

4.4 Tables to be placed against the walls.

4.5 Kitchen facilities support re-heating only and does not support full meal preparation.




5.1 Cleaning services are NOT included in the hire charge. Cleaning equipment may be found in the kitchen. A cleaning charge will be made if facilities are left in an unsatisfactory condition.


5.2 All hirers must take away all rubbish, food scraps and bottles etc. It is not to be left at Cominos House.




6.1 Hirers must only store equipment in approved storage areas. Equipment must be clearly marked with hirers details.


6.2 Hirers are required to have adequate contents insurance should any items be stored at the facility. Friends of Cominos House will not be held liable for any damage or loss of hirer’s property.

6.3 No flammable materials, chemicals or alcohol are to be kept in storage areas.


6.4 Friends of Cominos House reserve the right to remove any item stored in a non-approved area.




7.1 No boxes etc. to be left in the kitchen area.


7.2 Check with the Caretaker before you place any signs on the building, fences or in the grounds.


7.3 Ensure that any child on the premises is under the control of a responsible adult.


7.4 No dogs are permitted in the immediate vicinity of the building or on the established lawn/garden bed areas unless it is an Assistance Dog.


7.5 Paintings are not to be removed from the walls.


7.6 Ensure that the premises are vacated by 10.00 pm.




Please make sure that when your group leaves the Gallery:


8.1 Floor is swept (mopped if necessary);


8.2 If tables are used, they are to be wiped down;


8.3 Kitchen benches and sink are clean;


8.4 Urn is turned off;


8.5 Food, drinks etc. removed from fridge;


8.6 Air conditioner and fans turned off;


8.7 Lights turned off; and


8.8 Doors are closed.




Hiring Fees       Environmental, Arts and other Community Groups and Users - $40.00/session Other Hirers - $60.00/session


Sessions: 8am to 12 noon; 1pm to 5 pm; and 6pm to 10pm



Payment to be made in advance, by Direct Deposit or Cheque banked into Bank:


Qld Country Bank - BSB: 704 640 A/c No. 22023137


Please include your organisation’s name & date of booking.

Payment must be received before you use the room. 

The Conditions of Hire document is available for download. Please read them before hiring the venue. Receipt of your payment means that you have accepted the terms and conditions of hire.